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We help reduce telecom expenses with a winning combination of exceptional people, highly structured telecom audit processes and sophisticated computing and reporting systems.

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Babcock Advisors offer a wide range of services, customized to your telecom expense management needs. Whether it’s wirelinewireless, or inventory, we have an option that will fit your team and budget needs. Team up with Babcock Advisors as your telecom expert and reduce telecom expenses.

Essentially, Babcock Advisors begins managing your wireless, voice, and data environment with the goal of reducing risk and cost.

Telecom expense management is a process you can do yourself, via an expensive web-based software, or you can partner with a firm like Babcock Advisors to do some or all of these services for you for just $50.00 per month. Whoever does it, it should include building an accurate real time IT inventory, gathering all of your telecom bills and looking for overcharges through a telecom audit, searching for contract violations, optimizing your telecom environment to save money, and negotiating with your current telecom vendors to get a better deal.

Our Telecom Services often include:


Telecom Benchmarking: Gaining access to telecom pricing data from organizations with a similar-sized environment.

Contract Negotiation: Let Babcock Advisors do the heavy lifting in contract investigation. We can negotiate on your behalf to reach optimal savings.

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