Shocker: men in tech think there are enough women in leadership roles, but women don’t


Are there enough women in the C-suite? Men say yes.
Image: Shutterstock / sebra

We know the research: when women make up 17 percent of the room, men think it’s 50-50. And when women take up 33 percent of the space, men think they’re outnumbered. 

That extends to the C-suite, too. According to a new survey from the jobs site Comparably, 58 percent of men in tech think there are enough women in leadership roles at their company. But only 46 percent of women in tech agree. 

Comparably surveyed 24,000 workers in the tech industry starting in March 2016. The survey was nationwide—not just in Silicon Valley—so it’s possible a significant portion of respondents worked at companies that do have more representation in their leadership than notably lacking leaders in the Bay Area. 

People who work in sales, communications and finance departments at tech companies were the most confident about the number of women leaders at their companies. Employees in marketing, business development, and human resources thought their companies needed more women at the top. 

When the same employees surveyed were asked what would improve their company cultures, 35 percent of them said better leaders would be key. Maybe more women in charge would mean better leaders … ? 

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