Refunds and Recovery

Refunds and Recovery


      In our process we help our clients reduce their costs by identifying errors on their utilities, telecommunications, merchant services, shipping and waste/recycling bills while finding additional recovery and tax credits on buildings and accounts receivable. Our trusted advisors handle all of the appropriate paperwork, work directly with each provider, and file the necessary forms to secure all eligible exemptions, refunds, recovery or credits due to each client.


      Manufacturing, Cities, Schools, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, Property Management, Assisted/Senior Livings, Agricultural, Casinos, Hotels, Restaurants, Non-Profits and much more!



According to the NFIB, energy costs are one of the top three business expenses. Our Utility Refund Program consists of errors on your electric, gas and water bills. The refund period typically goes back 3-4 years so the recovery can be very, very substantial.


We uncover billing discrepancies in complex telecom/internet/wireless invoices and recover overcharges due to negligence on part of carrier and frequent errors in their database.

Merchant Services

If you or your organization accepted payment by Visa or MasterCard debit and/or credit cards from January 1, 2004 to November 28, 2012, you may be eligible for refund.

We also offer a rate analysis to help eliminate unnecessary fees and mark-up from credit card processors which saves organizations thousands annually as we find that 95% of organizations are paying more than they should for credit card fees.


Up to 3% of packages shipped with UPS and FedEx are eligible for refunds. 50+ audit points including late deliveries, invalid surcharges, correct addresses, manifested but not shipped, etc.

We also offer a rate analysis on your small parcel and freight invoices to determine, to 1/10th of a point, how much savings is available for your company moving forward. We are carrier neutral and 100% transparent.


Make sure each of your facilities are receiving appropriate waste and recycling service while uncovering discrepancies within contracts and invoices.

We are also able to recover savings moving forward for more than 9 out of 10 businesses that we worth with. And the average savings we recover is 40%! In fact, we usually save money for clients by renegotiating their existing contract with your current waste hauler.

Immediate Results – Long Term Benefits
  • Purely on contingency
  • Share in the savings created on a moving forward basis (management of service)
  • In some cases does not replace or modify current provider

What We Need

Provide us with ONE copy of a recent billing statement from each provider to check for eligibility.

A review of the most current bill will determine if the client is eligible for a refund, how much that refund might be and how long it may take to obtain that refund.