John McCain pretty much killed Trumpcare and the bill’s sponsor tweeted a surprising response


Sorry, Lindsey.
Image: Getty Images

The latest trainwreck of a GOP health care plan looks likely to die — and, once again, John McCain could be the dude who killed it. 

On Friday, the Republican senator announced he would vote against the Graham-Cassidy bill. With zero support likely from Democrats, and Republicans Rand Paul and Susan Collins against it, that pretty much dooms the measure. 

One of the men behind the bill — Sen. Lindsey Graham — was likely frustrated. But he still had some kind words for his colleague and longtime friend. 

McCain, Graham, and Joe Lieberman are known as the “three amigos” of the senate. Apparently, that’s a sacred bond that can’t be broken by torpedoing your friend’s terrible health care bill.

Remember, it was McCain who dramatically killed the last GOP effort to repeal Obamacare. His heroics the second time around are being praised by people across the political spectrum. 

The Arizona senator’s decision was met with support from Sen. Bernie Sanders, who has proposed his own “Medicare for all” plan, at a rally in San Francisco.

Jimmy Kimmel was pretty happy too, after absolutely slamming the plan on his show. 

Don’t relax yet, though. It’s possible that before the Sept. 30 deadline, Republicans somehow get the necessary votes for a bill that would — according to the Brookings Institution — cause 21 million people to lose their health insurance every year from 2020 to 2026. 

Thank you McCain and Collins (and I guess Paul, even though he’s not supporting the bill because it’s not draconian enough) for hopefully saving the country from this monstrosity. 

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